WhizKid JobChart
Chore Chart Management System

Reinforce important life skills by rewarding children for being responsible and for contributing to the day to day tasks of running a busy household. 

This new and fun Chore Chart Management System will provide a solid foundation for positive change in behavior in your children and give you the help you need around the house. 
Children can open their Chore Charts and see their weekly tasks and are responsible for updating their Chore Charts on a daily basis.  Parents can monitor weekly progress and reinforce behaviors through incentives and rewards. 

Here are just some of the benefits you and your child will receive by using our chore chart management system.

  • Reinforce Important Life Skills
  • Encourage Positive Behavior
  • Reward Responsible Actions
  • Improve Parent Child Communication
  • Easily Manage Household Responsibilities
  • Save Time and Money
  • Download the FREE Trial Version today and give it a try, you'll have 14 days to evaluate the program and decide for yourself if you want to purchase the licensed version for only $19.95. 



    WhizKid JobChart
    For Windows
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    US $19.95



    WhizKid JobChart
    For Windows
    Try For 14 Days FREE 


    5 Megabytes
    For Windows


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