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Assigning jobs to your WhizKid is one of the best ways to build self-esteem. Regular jobs establish good work habits and demonstrate a consistent responsibility that the child must live up to from week to week. Jobs can also teach valuable life lessons and help to create an understanding that we must all work together to help manage and maintain a household or classroom.
Choose age appropriate jobs for WhizKids based on their abilities. Young children can handle 1-3 very easy daily jobs. Older children can manage 2-4 daily jobs along with 1-3 weekly jobs.

You will find below a list of jobs to choose from for your WhizKid. Consider the WhizKid's age, ability, and personality, and select those jobs that are appropriate. These are only suggestions on jobs to use, you can easily add more jobs to our list of available jobs in the drop down menu in the JobChart Editor.

Ages 2 to 3: Put Up Toys, Feed Pets, Dust, Choose Clothes, Dress Self, Pick Up Books.

Ages 4 to 5: Above Plus, Make Bed, Take Out Trash, Bring In Mail, Brush Teeth, Bring In Newspaper, Clear Table, Pull Weeds, Water Flowers.

Ages 6 to 7: Above Plus, Sort Laundry, Sweep Floor, Clear Table, Weed, Rake Leaves, Clean Beadroom, Answer Phone, Do Homework.

Ages 8 to 9: Above Plus, Load Dishwasher, Put Away Groceries, Vacuum, Make Snack, Wash Table, Put Away Laundry, Run Bath, Make Breakfast, Mop Floor, Walk Dog, Vacuum, Clean Yard.

Ages 10 and up: Above Plus, Unload Dishwasher, Fold Laundry, Clean Bathroom, Wash Car, Iron Clothes, Do Laundry, Mow Lawn, Clean Kitchen, Change Bed.

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