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Parents and Teachers can monitor Chore Chart activity by selecting File --> Review JobChart from the main menu, or F5, from within their account. Each Chore Chart that is available is listed and can be selected for an overall weekly review. Jobs and current point values are listed along with check boxes on the days of the week that the scheduled job is to be completed. Parents and teachers can scroll through the list of Chore Charts to see how the children are doing with their daily responsibilities. If the job has been completed you will see a checkmark in the box on the day it was completed with a number beside it. That number is the number of times that particular job was completed on that day.

Editing and updating Chore Charts is not done through the Weekly JobChart Review screen. The JobChart Review is only for viewing weekly JobChart progress. children update their Job Charts on a daily basis from within their own account. Parents and teachers can update the Job Charts themselves by logging into the child's  account and making changes there. You can print the list of current children's usernames and passwords from within the parent teacher account. Login and select File --> View Accounts then click on the "Print WhizKids" button. Now you can login to any account you choose and udpate JobChart progress.

All points are totaled on a daily and weekly basis with a grand point total in the lower right corner of the Weekly JobChart Review screen. This allows the parent or teacher to track point activity througout the week for each WhizKid account.


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WhizKid JobChart
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