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WhizKids login to their account using their username and password and open a particular JobChart to work on for that day of the week. This should be done on a daily basis. They will see in their JobChart viewer, what jobs need to be completed for that day of the week and be able to check them off one at a time, with a click of the mouse, after they are completed. WhizKids check off those jobs completed by clicking on the "X" that is located at the end of the same line as the Job. After they click on the "X" a "Check Mark" will appear to show that the job has been completed. They continue doing this from day to day for that week and every week thereafter. WhizKids will also be able to see their incentive and total points that have accumulated over time in their JobChart Viewer. This helps to keep them motivated to complete their assigned jobs.

To scroll to the next day, click on the Next button and continue. To view a previous day during that same week, click on the Back button.

If the WhizKid completes and checks off all jobs for the week, they will hear an applause for completing all jobs for that week.

After the week has passed, WhizKids will not be able to open their charts from the previous week. So, they need to keep up with their charts from week to week. The Parent/Teacher can adjust point values as they see necessary in the Account Viewer section of the main user account.

At the end of each week, a new duplicate chart will be created automatically, if you did not change the default setting for the Auto Create JobChart option when you created the original JobChart. By creating a duplicate JobChart for the next week, all jobs listed from the week before will be reset so that the WhizKid can start over week to week. If you do not create or reset the date for a new JobChart every week, WhizKids will not be able to report on their job progress.


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WhizKid JobChart
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