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Creating JobCharts is easy to do. Once you have logged into your account click on the File -->Create New Chart menu option. You will be prompted to enter the name of that JobChart. You can name the JobChart anything you like, some ideas include: House, Yard, or perhaps Homework. If you choose to name a chart House Chores for example, you should spell it like this, HouseChores without a space in the middle of the two words. The WhizKid JobChart Editor will then open and you begin building the JobChart by selecting a job from the jobs list or you can enter your own by typing in the blank space and hitting the enter key. You can delete a job from the list by selecting it, then clicking on the backspace or delete key, then click the enter key.

Next, choose what day or days of the week you would like the WhizKid to do this particular job, choose the Parent/Teacher responsible, assign a level of difficulty and create a point value for the job. You can select a particular day or group of days. For example, you may ask them to Make the Bed Mon-Fri but only ask them to Change the Bed, on Wed. Point values can be any amount you like, one idea is to assign a point value to each level of difficulty that is available. This will keep the JobCharts consistent and make it easier for you to assign total point values to goals and incentives. After you are done selecting all jobs for a particular JobChart, click on the create chart button. You will then be prompted to choose a WhizKid for which to assign this particular JobChart. You can also choose more than one, using the Alt key, and create many charts at one time.

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WhizKid JobChart
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