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One of the greatest features of the WhizKid JobChart application is the ability to create incentives for JobCharts. These goal and incentives will help motivate WhizKids to complete all jobs on their JobChart.

Creating incentives is an easy thing do. Open the Account Viewer, select the WhizKid you would like to assign an incentive to, then name that incentive, select a picture, and assign a point value to that incentive. Now, the WhizKid will have a goal, that they will see everytime they open their JobChart. You can choose anything you like and assign any point value you like.

Cashing out the incentive is as easy as clicking on the Cash Out Incentive button in the Account Viewer. If they have accumulated more points than the goal, there will be a remaining balance that will count towards the next goal to achieve. WhizKids will be notified in their JobChart if they have reached their goal, and be asked to contact the Parent/Teacher for their incentive.

In addition, you can reset the goal to zero and add points if you like, as a bonus or to adjust the points as necessary.

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