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Printing Chore Chart Reports

JobChart reports can be printed from within the parent teacher account. Click on File --> Print Reports, or Ctrl P, and a the report screen will appear. This screen shows all available WhizKids and a few different types of reports that can be printed. The first list shows current WhizKids, the second list shows all JobCharts, and the third list shows weekly history reports that are available. There is also a button that will allow the user to print out a history report based on a date range selected by the parent or teacher.

The user must select a name from the list before any reports can be printed. If the user selects a chart from the "JobChart" list, and clicks on the "Print JobChart Report" button, the JobChart will be printed either blank or with check marks marking off jobs that have been completed. If the user selects a report from the "History Report" list, that particular history will be printed. The history includes a list of all jobs that were to be done during that time period and show if they were in fact completed or not. History information is created after each week for the previous week so a current week's history report will not show any jobs as completed.

The last report option is the "Print History Date Range Reports" button. If the user clicks on this button, they are prompted to either enter a date range to print a history from or print out the entire history for a particular WhizKid.


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